Operations Team

For BSDCan 2024, we are migrating from a “Dan Langille does everything” model to a Redundant Array of Independent Dans. The papers committee will not change at this time, but we have a group of people who will do the work of getting space, arranging accommodations, paying bills, and suchforth. The current team is:

  • Coordinator, Chair and Whip Operator: Michael Lucas
  • Business Organization: Colin Percival, Allan Jude
  • In-Con University Wrangling: Patrick McEvoy, Andrew Fengler
  • Pre-Con University Wrangling: Adam Thompson, Patrick McEvoy, Andrew Fengler
  • Streaming: Patrick McEvoy, Andrew Fengler
  • Travel Coordinator: Adam Thompson, Michael Williams
  • Accommodations Coordinator: Adam Thompson, Michael Williams
  • Papers Shepherd: Michael W Lucas
  • Local Team: Paul Chostvek, Michael Williams, Diane Bruce
  • Web Infrastructure: Andrew Fengler
  • Sponsors: Michael Dexter
  • Family Tourism: Elizabeth Lucas, Selene Witcher
  • Registration System: David Maxwell
  • Social Media: Pamela Mosiejczuk
  • Auctioneer, Voice of Experience: Dan Langille
  • Poor Bastard who Said He’d Do Anything, so Lucas is Giving Him All the Scut Work: John Hixson

Over the last two decades, BSDCan has become an essential part of the BSD ecosystem. The goal is to establish a sustainable team, with backups in case of illness and a path for the experienced people to train new volunteers. Dan is aging like a fine wine, yes, but Lucas is aging like milk. We are building the future we want.