Shwarma, Newcomers, and Goat

Twenty-two days! If you are coming from a country other than the USA, you should start thinking about getting your eTA Real Soon Now(tm) – they’re quite backed up right now. While the committee’s goal is to keep BSDCan largely traditional, you should be aware of a few changes.

Most everyone goes for shwarma at some point, so we might as well bring it to you. For Friday lunch! If you registered a guest, they are welcome to join us for lunches and snacks.

Speaking of guests, if you register them they get a shirt and badge as well as lunch. If the guest shirt option wasn’t on the form when you registered, contact with their size. Fitted shirts are available.

If this is your first BSDCan, try to come to the newcomers session at 6PM Thursday in the Hacker Lounge (in the lobby lounge of the U90 Residence Hall). It’s only ten minutes long, and at the end experienced volunteers can guide you to the people you want to meet and the places you want to see.

If this isn’t your first BSDCan, and you want to welcome newcomers and help ease them into our community, please come to the Hacker Lounge at 6PM Thursday for the newcomers session.

Tutorial attendees are sharing a lunch buffet with the FreeBSD Developer Summit rather than the traditional boxed lunches.

If you haven’t seen the schedule, take a look at Five tutorials, four talk tracks, and on Tuesday night: a goat.

We look forward to seeing you all in Ottawa!

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